Aichi Toho University

Aichi Toho University

Aichi Toho University is a four-year college specialized in community business and human studies.It is in Nagoya,the third largest metropolitan area in japan.Founded in Apri 2001,the University strives to act and study locally with a global perspective.

Foundation of the University

Educational Corporation Toho Gakuen founded Aichi Toho University (then Toho Gakuen University) in April 2001. It succeeds the tradition of its two-year college, Toho Gakuen Junior College that started in 1964 (and closed in 2008),and Toho High School that dates back to 1923. Aichi Toho University has two faculties: Faculty of Business Administration which has Department of Community Business, and newer Faculty of Human Studies which has Department of Human Health and Department of Child Development. Faculty of Business Administration has an annual admission of 200 students and Faculty of Human Studies, which started in April 2007, has 150.

Situated in industrious Aichi Prefecture (See below.), the University strives to educate innovative community entrepreneurs and professionals, tapping a wealth of recourses accumulated over the region's superb socio-economic infrastructure.

Urban Location

The University is only 15 minutes subway ride from Nagoya's prime business district Sakae. Nagoya (population: 2.2 million) is the capital of larger metropolitan prefecture Aichi (population: 7 million). Located in central Japan, the area is the nation's third largest metropolis after Tokyo-Yokohama and Osaka-Kobe. Toyota Motors has its world headquarters here in Aichi.

Nagoya also has headquarters for Brother Industries, Daido Steel, Matsuzakaya and other big corporations, as well as numerous smaller businesses in information technology, machinery, and retail industries. As of 2003, Aichi Prefecture has the annual manufacturing output of 355 trillion yen ($3.2 trillion U.S. dollars), the highest among Japan's 47 prefectures. The region produces 1.2% of the global GDP.

The University's location in this vital economic area makes the University one of the best places to learn business and management. Based in urban Nagoya, the University gives students great opportunities to learn from the real-world business and community life, while exposing them to a sea of information and sophistication of urban culture.

Education with a Mission

The mission of Aichi Toho University is to create young innovators who will lead community businesses and local development. The founder of Toho Gakuen is Tamiyoshi Shimoide (1861-1952), who was a pioneering entrepreneur in modern spinning, electricity, railroad, and steel industries, creating the foundation of this now celebrated economic region. Shimoide knew the importance of human power. Development of the economy was only possible, he thought, by creating "human power you can really count on in getting a job done". Investing his own money, Shimoide founded Toho Gakuen in 1923. Aichi Toho University and other Toho institutions still practice the founder's mission while trying to apply it in the new environment of the 21st century. Targeting to create human power who leads local development with a global perspective, the University has following emphasis in its educational endeavor:

The University emphasizes small class education. The core of its academic programs is seminars, which start in freshman year. Usually with a dozen or so students, seminars respond to each student's need and ensure an individualized academic/professional development. The University actively conducts business internship and other real-world experiential learning. It also provides expanded job placement services and organizes special classes for students to get business and professional licenses. The University makes every effort to create a talented and diverse faculty to ensure quality education on campus.

Community Education

Aichi Toho University follows its junior college's tradition of active community "involvement. The University conducts Toho Gakuen Meito Community College (TMCC)," an adult education program for the people in the neighborhood. Six or seven weekly courses are provided on evenings and weekends. Faculty members as well as professionals tapped from the community teach the classes. Subjects include a wide range of fields such as computer training, business startup, nonprofit organization management, or Batik Malaysian painting. Without credits, University students can also participate in those classes, sitting side by side with community people.

Support from Business Sector

Aichi Toho University has "Friends Toho," a group of hundreds of community leaders, Toho graduates, prominent corporations and organizations in the Nagoya region, who support the University and other Toho schools. The membership includes Chubu Electric Power, Tokai TV, Nagoya Railway, Daido Tokushu Steel, Mitsukoshi, Matsuzakaya, and other prominent corporations and their executives. Formed in 1996, Friends Toho supports development of Toho institutions and organizes lectures and forums to bridge the education and the community. The University also works closely with Chubu Small Business Association. These and other business sector supporters provide internship opportunities for students, offer real world knowledge and expertise for classes, and help in students' job placement.

International Exchange

Since 1986, Toho Gakuen Junior College/Aichi toho University has had a summer exchange program with Everett Community College (EvCC) in the State of Washington of the United States. Every year a dozen or so students visit this beautiful community in the suburbs of Seattle, to home stay with the community people, study English, and visit corporations and community groups in the neighborhood. Occasionally EvCC sends students and teachers to our University for Japanese language study and community exchanges. With the formation of the four-year University, we expanded our program to include other universities around the world. We have collaborative agreements with Lincoln University in New Zealand, University of San Carlos in Philippine, University of Gothenburg (Faculty of Education) in Sweden, Yunnan University in P. R. China, and Middlesex University in the U. K. Students' as well as faculties' exchange will be one of the best ways to promote intercultural understandings..


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